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Lombardi Designs

Set of Three Dachshund Cushions

Set of Three Dachshund Cushions

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Lombardi Dachshund Covers (3 Pc. Set)
Soft, Plush Velvet Comfort
Chair or Couch Throw Pillows
Removable Cover with Hidden Zipper
Washable Covers (Tumbler Low Dry)
Bright, Vibrant Colors and Intricate Details
Dimensions: 45 x 45 cm
Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Lombardi Cushion

Here at Lombardi we create unique decorative pillows that are soft, comfortable and made to surprise. Add some color to your sofa or bed with this cushion set featuring an adorable cuddly dachshund.


How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is free throughout Italy. The delivery cost changes for orders abroad.

How long for delivery?

The shipping and delivery process takes 2-3 working days

What types of pillow covers do you offer in your store?

Lombardi Design offers two types of cushions with the same print but different background. Gray and yellow.

How do I select the color?

You can use the filters in our shop to select the color type.

What are the dimensions of your pillowcases?

45cm x 45cm

What is the material?

The pillowcases are made of high quality velvet.

Are pillows included?

No! Lombardi Design deals only with the production of pillowcases.